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Sporting Goods

Holds 8 boxes of shells

Hand tooled

Trap Bag

This custom bag is hand tooled to the customers choice of design.  It has 2 compartments, one for 8 boxes of shells, the other for glasses, empty hulls, and other necessary items.  It has a sheepskin lined shoulder pad to give you comfort when carrying it to the range fully loaded.

Cobra Slings

For Standard 1” Swivels

Custom Hand tooled

These are three examples of our cobra slings.  The first on the left is for a customers .22 mag., the second was made for a customer in memory of his wife who had passed, the third was for a customer who wanted something no-one else had, the red roses are gold leafed.

Extra Wide Cobra Slings

For 1—1/4”  Swivels

Custom Hand tooled

Custom hand-tooled extra-wide slings for heavy rifles.  These slings are designed to carry the weight of the heaviest of rifles.  They utilize 1 1/4” swivels and have the rawhide ties to hold these securely to your rifle.  Also there is 1/4” foam padding in the back to help “lighten the load.

Knife cases

Custom hand made to the knife

These Custom cases were made for a local knife maker who uses nothing but our cases for his knives.

Possible Bag

Custom hand made Fringe

This is a copy of the original possible bags of yesterday.  With hand cut fringe and traditional closures they can hold all of you muzzle loading supplies in the field.

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