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Tri-Fold and Bi-fold design

All Skin types available

Exotic Skin Wallets

These hand made wallets are available in many different types of skins. We produce these one at a time to give you true hand made wallets.

Gator Belts

These hand made Belts are made of alligator skins ranging from the middle of the back to the end of the tail.  Here are a couple examples.  These belts are fully lined.

Hand tooled Belts

These hand made Belts are custom tooled to what ever the customer wants.  This design is a wild-rose with initials.  These are hand tooled not embossed.

Custom Briefcases

This is a brief case which we added hand tooling to.  The plaque on the back with the squirrel  and initial measures approximately 8 x 10.5 inches.

Cell Phone Cases

These cell cases can be made of a variety of leather ranging from regular smooth leather to most any exotic skin.   They can have either a snap loop, or “Holster Clip”, or fixed loop.  We can do what ever you like.

Hand-Tooled Wallets

This pictured is a hand-tooled wallet. These are available in many styles and different scenery.  We can also do tri-fold if you prefer.

Hand-Tooled Check Book Covers

This pictured is a hand-tooled Check book cover with room for you check register as well.

Hand-Tooled Calculator Covers

This pictured is a hand-tooled Calculator cover.  This is a very common accessory for both men and women.

Business Card holders

These are a very common item for anyone who carries business cards.  It is small enough to carry in you shirt pocket but not too bulky.

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