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At John’s Custom Leather we also offer the capability of producing large production runs. Some of the products include: Knife Cases, Belts, Slings, and much more.

Large Production Runs

Don’t hesitate to ask if we can produce something for your large group or company.  When certain requirements are met we will also private label with you company or group Logo.

Shown below is a product produced for McFadden Machine Company.

These Suede pieces protect the firearm when using the company’s “Ultimate Tripod”.  We proudly produce these for this company right in our shop.

Shown below is a product produced by McFadden Machine Company.

This is there “Ultimate Clip Loader”  this particular loader is for .22LR hand guns such as the Ruger MKII, and MKIII.

If you are interested please contact us for more information

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